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Introducing the World's First Human-Mediated Automation for Site Payments Built from the Ground up by Payments Professionals

GrantPay     and GrantPact

Proprietary applications ensuring world-class services for your studies

An Unparalleled Payment Solution
Combining World-Class Knowledge with State-of-the-Art Applications

Our Philosophy

  • We leverage our expert knowledge of global CTA processes to master the unique payment environment in each country for your trial. 

  • While we have proprietary software to support our Payments Team, we provide a SERVICE for site payments, not merely a PRODUCT that is not backed by global payment expertise.


  • Our SaaS software integrates EDC output into each contract that is uploaded for a study, triggering our Payment Analysts that a payment is ready to be verified. 

  • Unlike Product-Only providers, our Payment Analyst then verifies that each invoiceable and visit payment matches the negotiated CTA.  If it conflicts, the Payment Analyst liaises with our in-country CTA negotiator to contact the site in local language regarding the discrepancy.

  • This Human-Mediated-Automation and Payment Analyst verification ensures that no payment is made in error, reducing the costly need for reconciliation later.

  • Monthly Forecast v. Actual Spend tracking allows Assentia to measure your study's progress in real time.  We provide this analysis to our customers on a frequency that you need.  

Accurate and monthly reconciliation on my site payments is something that I wish I had known was a possibility years ago.  I no longer have to worry if a site will pause enrollment due to payment issues.  My favorite part of working with Assentia is the monthly spend versus forecast that helps keep my accrual numbers true.  Almost a hidden benefit.


Global Head of Outsourcing, Large Pharma Client


Designed from the Ground-Up by Contract Negotiators Worldwide 

GrantPact   is a SaaS based, proprietary application that allows our team to track the negotiation of your global contracts in real time.  Its robust reporting solution enables granular and aggregate reporting by Assentia to you, so your teams know the progress of Study StartUp timelines.  


Real Time Granular & Aggregate Reporting Prepared by Our Team and Sent When You Need It


Dedicated Global Staff Updating GrantPact in Real Time


Thousands of Saved CTA Clauses Negotiated by Sites Globally


GrantPact Negotiated CTA Budgets are Linked Directly to GrantPay, Making Site Payments Seamless 


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