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Budget Development

Assentia’s tenured experience in global budget development,  combined with our local country knowledge leads to accurate forecasts and highly detailed country-specific budgets that align logically with payment processes.


Budgets are tailored at the procedure level to the specific therapeutic area and country.  This ensures subsequent global payments are at fair market value to mitigate compliance risks.

Fair Market Value

Assentia accesses fair market value data from 4800 procedures and 15 million industry cost data points.  These data points are updated quarterly and reflect the most recent 24 month period, solidifying the validity of our budget development and projected negotiations.


In order to accurately assess line-item fair market value, Assentia utilizes an industry-leading benchmarking tool with global positioning from negotiated grant information in over 90 countries.

Proactive Monitoring

On-going analysis of negotiated budgets is continued throughout the study, delivering vital feedback to clients with regards to their budgetary position.

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