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Site Payments

Investigator payments are an essential part of the clinical trial lifecycle. Assentia has combined our expert local knowledge of each country’s customs, legal, and regulatory environments with an innovative tracking technology and paymentverification processes.  This allows us to create a dependable payments service for both current and prospective clients.

Institutional Knowledge

Our blend of experienced global payments oversight and leading-edge tracking technology reduces errors often found in traditional clinical research payment practices.  We leverage our depth of experience with clinical trial budgets and payment terms to tailor our payment processes to a country’s specific requirements. In-country knowledge is what sets us apart in all aspects of what we do.


Our payments software provides reporting that aligns to the required data necessary for the Sunshine Act.  It evolves with a growing demand for global compliance by reporting at the Investigator and Site level. In addition, our reporting provides a strategic complement to Aggregate Spend Reporting through disparate data to identify cost reduction opportunities, promote efficiency in resourcing, and measure effectiveness in strategy to optimize business.


As drug and medical device manufacturers are burdened with complex regulations and reporting requirements, Assentia’s processes offer a proactive solution in managing financial compliance.

Data and Forecasting

Assentia is able able to utilize our FMV data points to provide an accurate forecasting of investigator payment budgets.  This forecasting is constantly monitored by Assentia and any changes to the model will be reported so you can accurately budget in real time.

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