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The Tech-Enabled Solution
for Global Contracts & Payments

Global experience merged with software.  With our seasoned team of professionals and proprietary SaaS-based applications, Assentia is the premier solution for accelerating Study Startup and ensuring accurate Site Payments.

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Why Assentia?

Experience Matters

The aggregate knowledge of our team gives us a deep understanding of global contract cycle times and each country’s regulatory impact on study startup. This enables Assentia to help our customers accurately plan for the contracting timeline’s influence on Site Activation. Our team’s combined wealth of experience translates into faster and more reliable negotiations for our customers, allowing you to plan for and complete site startup on time, every time.

For Site Payments 


For Site Contracts 

Assentia utilizes GrantPay   and GrantPact,   proprietary software designed in-house by our team of subject-matter experts.  These technologies aid our Contracts and Payments divisions with Human-Mediated Automation, ensuring timely Site Payments and granular Contracts lifecycle reporting. 

Assentia has the experience and efficiencies that I trust for my outsourcing of contracts and payments.

Julie Daves, Vice President and Global Head of Clinical Operations and Outsourcing, Mid-Size Biotech Firm

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